With rapid on-site coverage of Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Suffolk and Kent areas, I have the experience to deliver digital solutions, providing custom built web applications and SaaS solutions using the latest Web and Microsoft .Net and SQL technologies.

If you need a custom web site, application or business system - then I, and our teams of experts and partners at CodeStep UK can help.

Solutions Experience

Web development

With an extensive knowledge of Microsoft based development languages including Microsoft C#.Net, SQL Server (T-SQL), as well as web technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3, XML and JavaScript / JQuery - I can provide truely integrated solutions delivering high-performance data driven applications and commerce sites.

Project management

Having worked across a number of business sectors I have gained a huge amount of experience with managing projects and client expectations. With experience within the manufacturing, logistics, automotive, agency, retail and travel sectors - I have the skills needed to identify the project components and resources required, helping you put together all the pieces you need to create a truely exceptional system.

Delivery and long term support

By ensuring we have a development plan right from the start, I will provide complete specifications, timelines and milestones for every project we plan, ensuring that everyone knows what to expect and that each project can be evaluated for quality.

Training, real-world experience and management exposure

Having gained management training at an early age followed by multiple senior management and technical roles, I have worked as a hands-on solutions provider to many organisations - delivering strategy and systems tailored and unique to their businesses.

These are some of the key roles, training and achievements that helped shape my experience and this business:-

School Coded something they said couldn't be done, in BASIC ;)
Gained my A's for Maths and Tech.
Essex Round Table and Stansted Airport awards for applied technology
University of Cambridge (Open Course) Modular Programming and System Design, Relational Database Design, Data Analysis and Graphical Representation, Desktop Publishing 1994
Escom (UK) Technical Manager / Branch Manager
Trained Hardware and Software Installer, Electrical Safety
Pirelli Cables (UK) NEBS Supervisory Management Training and Certification, Fire Martial
Logistics Manager + Awarded Employee of the Year for developing new digital systems
First experiments with modular platforms, codenamed DSX
First e-commerce Public Web site
Triptych Systems Microsoft VB6, SQL and 3-Tier Enterprise Development Training
Collaborated on BestSeller 2, Book Selling and Trading System
Cloud 9 (UK) DB/A, Lead SQL Architect 2002
Illusionfactor (UK) Microsoft MCP Certification (See below)
Lead Architect, DB/A
Operations Director
TheCodeStep.co.uk Systems Architect / Owner - View Portfolio
Hosting Provider
WebDesk Platform went public
Cloud Software Provider
Private Cloud Solution Provider

CodeStep launches its first CMS Engine & API Framework
Hybrid Cloud End-to-End Solution Provider



Microsoft MCP certification

Acheiving MCP qualifications at an early age, I have been able to gain substantial experience built on a solid foundation of older versions. Experience and commercial exposure have kept the core skills up to date, despite the age of these exams!

229 Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition Jul 09, 2004
228 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition Oct 13, 2004
290 Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment Dec 01, 2004

Coding for fun

The following technologies are seen as a great way to expand your coding ability.
Whilst I don't support them, I certainly encourage them! Watch this space for future development.

  • Arduino (What can't be done with these little things?)
  • DIY 8 Bit Computer (Yep, from scratch)
  • Raspberry Pi (Cameras, Terminals, Servers, Clusters, Laptops. Games Consoles, Media Centers, Kiosks, Thin Clients)
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio (Controlling Lego NXT based models, cars, sensors, motors, actuators, joysticks + pads)
  • Microsoft XNA Game Studio (Experimenting with game development, coding methods in both XBox and Windows)
  • Oculus Rift (User Interaction Theory)
  • Reversible Coding Techniques and Design Principles
  • Superdense coding techniques (Theory only) using Microsoft Q# and Blazor
  • Machine Learning and AI Natural Data Processing (Theory Only)

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